01. All I Want (Kodaline Cover)
02. Radioactive
03. In The dark I See (Itunes Session)
04. Burn
portalofhearts: I SERIOUSLY think you should take the leaked tracks down :/ it's a bit disrespectful to not only Lights, but the fans (who actually wanted to wait) as well :/

I’m sorry you feel that way but I am not forcing ANYONE to click play on the songs. If people don’t wanna hear them now then they can wait. Its not like they have to listen to them. As far as Lights goes, wither I upload them or not people can still find them online and listen to them if they really wanted to. I’m just saying I am just reposting them. Its not like I leaked them ya know?

I get what you’re saying but still I don’t see the harm. I mean I’ve already preordered the album myself and I am sure if someone was gonna buy it they would regardless of me uploading some of the songs ya know?


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no but like taylor swift was in a snowmobile accident and literally no one found out what????